Religion in Eberron

Most citizens of the Five Nations worship The Sovereign Host (a pantheon of “good” gods) or the Silver Flame (a monotheistic religion centred on purification and justice). Other, smaller religions include the Blood of Vol (a religion focused on the divinity within all mortal beings), various forms of ancestor worship and dark, secret cults.

For the monsters of Eberron however, the most common religion is the worship of the Dark Six, gods which often represent the “darker” aspects of sentient creatures. A sailor might utter a prayer to the Devourer to pray for their favour, or one might give an offering to the Keeper to ask that he avert his gaze from a sick loved one. Specifics of these gods may be found below.

Others may also be part of a Cult of the Dragon Below, secretive groups often seeking to free or gain power from beings imprisoned below Eberron (in what may be referred to as the Underdark in other settings, but is known as Khyber in Eberron).

The Dark Six

Though the “Dark Six” are seen by humanoids to be evil, the worship of one of these gods in no way makes the worshipper evil.

Considered the to be gods who have broken away from the Sovereign Host, some scholars insist the Dark Six are the original gods of the ruined goblinoid army and that humanoids simply incorporated them into the Sovereign Host once they encountered them.

The Devourer

The Sovereign of Wave and Whelm, The Devourer represents the raw destructive power of nature. The Devourer lords over the deep and as such sailors of all walks of life often pay him lip service for safe voyages. Aquatic races such as sahuagin and lizardfolk also revere the Devourer.

Brother of Arawai and Balinor, the Devourer raped his sister Arawai and fathered The Fury. The Devourer is portrayed as a human or merfolk with seaweed in his hair and beard, a sahuagin, an enormous shark, or a dragon turtle.

The Fury

The Sovereign of Rage and Ruin, The Fury represents passion driven to extremes, seen in her conception at the rape of Arawai by The Devourer (who is the Fury’s father & arawai’s brother). A patron to any who let their passions drive their motivations, she watches over barbarians everywhere as well as artisans, craftsmen and bards. A number of intelligent monstrous races worship her as well.

Daughter of Arawai and The Devourer, the Fury is portrayed as a half-elf, drow or a snakelike wyrm of Khyber.

The Keeper

The Sovereign of Death and Decay, The Keeper represents greed and gluttony, the inverse of his brother Kol Korran’s focus on material wealth and generosity. He is seen as the hunger in the dark, grabbing hold of anyone straying too far from the light. He alone is able to waylay dead souls on their way to Dolurrh and it is said that once in the Keeper’s clutches a soul may never escape. Because of his association with souls and the afterlife he has become almost the default deity of necromancers across Eberron.

The son of Onatar and Olladra and the brother of Kol Korran, the Keeper is often portrayed as gaunt or grossly fat human, a lich or ghoul, or sometimes a skeletal dragon.

The Mockery

The Sovereign of Betrayal and Bloodshed, The Mockery represents dishonorable combat and unjust war. His worshippers include assassins, rogues and evil warriors, as well as the infamous Flayed Hand. He is known in some circles as The Betrayer and was once a member of the triumvirate of combat deities; his betrayal lead to his flaying and banishment from the Sovereign Host.

The brother of Dol Arrah and Dol Dorn, the Mockery is portrayed as a ghastly human warrior with the skin stripped from his body, cloaked in the skins of his enemies, and sometimes as a half-fiend red dragon.

The Shadow

The Sovereign of Magic and Mayhem, The Shadow is the literal shadow of Aureon that attained sentience and godhood as a price paid by Aureon for arcane knowledge. A god of corruption, ambition and dark magic, the Shadow is the patron of evil spellcasters and many monstrous races throughout Droaam and beyond. Legend says if the Shadow and Aureon were reunited the age of civilized peoples would come to an end.

Typically depicted as a shadow, occasionally he is portrayed as a shadow dragon.

The Traveler

The Sovereign of Chaos and Charm, The Traveler is unique in that it is not related to any of the other members of the Sovereign Host or the Dark Six. He is also said to be the only deity who walks the face of Eberron, but his many changing forms allow him to evade recognition. The Traveler is the patron of all those who embrace change including changelings, shifters, doppelgangers, and lycanthropes. The Traveler is known as the Giver of Gifts, but a famous proverb states to “beware the gifts of the Traveler”.

Many in House Cannith secretly worship the Traveler, due to his governance over artifice.

Religion in Eberron

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