Lessons for Children

The Daughters of Sora Kell

We all know the stories of the hag Sora Kell, who comes to eat the eyes of children who won’t go to sleep, but it’s not Sora Kell who you should truly fear, not as long as her Daughters live.

Sora Katra

The most beautiful of Sora Kell’s daughters resides beyond the Graywall mountains, the cunning Sora Katra. Deep in the heart of her swamp lies her collection of treasures, though how she got them is anyone’s guess. Late at night, foolish adventurers who stray too close can hear her melodic song and the clack of her loom as she weaves golden light into dark enchantment.

In a remote village in the foothills of the Greywall mountains, a pair of newly-weds were cursed to never again see the other’s face. One night, the wife journeyed to find the Daughter of Sora Kell, for though she could not look upon the face of her husband, he was entirely blind. In the swamp, she followed the melody winding through the trees to the small clearing where a beautiful woman wove golden light and hummed a sweet melody.

The wife entered the clearing and the humming stopped as the beautiful woman lifted her head and gave a breathtaking smile. Her voice was soft and musical as she greeted the wife.

“You poor girl, you have travelled so long and hard to find me. Whatever could be the cause?”

Heartbroken, the wife spoke of their curse, and beseeched the woman for her aid. The woman nodded, smiling mysteriously. “Of course I can help, but breaking a curse always is not without cost. Did you bring anything to offer?”

The wife drew forth a pouch spilling over with gold and silver, but the woman shook her head. “No, I’m afraid that just won’t work.”

“That’s all I brought,” cried the wife, “but you can take anything I have if we can just see each other again!”

The beautiful woman smiled, “I shall do what I can.”

Overjoyed, the woman ran home and unlocked the door. In their bedroom waiting for her was a faithful hound, looking up with adoring eyes, the eyes of her husband. A brief snatch of melodious laughter drifted in through the open door as the wife fell to the ground and wept.

In the coming days the wife’s anguish grew further as she realised she could no longer remember her husband’s face. In the distant swamp Sora Katra smiled as she placed a jar on her shelf the misty image of a young man swirling within.

So if you make a bargain with a beautiful woman, think twice lest it be a deal with Sora Katra

Sora Maenya

None can match the strength and hunger of Sora Maenya, most vicious of the Daughters.

There was a veteran of Aundair who was patrolling the Eldeen Reaches one evening when he found a wretched, starving refugee wandering alone. Taking pity on her he took her in, supporting her frail frame back to camp and settling her between his comrades with a hot bowl of stew. Though his stomach grumbled and he longed to warm himself by the fire, he returned to his duty, patrolling outside the boundary of the camp. He trudged through the snow until at last his duty had ended and it was time for him to rouse his replacement. He returned to the camp, and as he peered through the falling snow his heart froze. Stacked outside the mess tent was a pyramid made with the skulls of every single man and woman serving in his unit. Of the rest of their bones there was no sign, just a single pair of tracks through the bloody snow, leading from the pyramid into the darkness. Horrified, he staggered backwards, slipping on a pool of frozen blood and striking his head on the icy ground. In the darkness of his mind swam the refugee’s face, smiling. Suddenly it shifted and transformed into a brutish, blue skinned face with teeth filed to points. She grinned and thanked the scout for the delightful meal.

So if you ever show compassion to a stranger, think twice lest you be devoured by Sora Maenya

Sora Teraza

Enchantment can ruin lives and hunger can devour armies, but the prophecies of Sora Teraza can alter the course of nations.

Long ago, before the war began, the prince of Cyre heard rumour of a powerful seer roaming the Demon Wastes, seeking knowledge lost to the world. Knowing that he would one day rule all of the Five Kingdoms, he set out to seek her wisdom and hear of fate’s plan for him. It was a long, arduous journey, and many of his companions were lost to the many dangerous along the way, but at last he came to the seer’s camp. She wore a hooded cloak against the night’s chill and the fire cast strange shadows across her features. With nary a greeting, the seer began to speak in a voice that was hoarse and wet to the ear. “Ah, the heir to the throne seeks my wisdom to ease his worries. How quaint. It seems a pity then that your fate is so full of worries, for you shall never come to rule the Five Kingdoms and the actions of your family will bring death beyond imagining.”

Outraged, the prince demanded to know who the woman was. With a guttural laugh, the seer threw back her hood, letting the flickering flames illuminate her hideous, wizened features. The seer that the prince had sought was no woman at all, but a monster, Sora Teraza herself.

The prince fled the fire and into the night, the harsh laughter fading in the breeze, but with the voice of prophecy burning in his mind. Unable to forget the words of Sora Tereza, he became suspicious and spiteful towards his siblings, turning their warm hearts cold. Thus, when the old king died and the prince of Cyre sought to claim the throne, his siblings knew him to be unfit to rule and rejected his claim. So it was that the Last War began, over 60 years ago.

So if you ever seek wisdom from a crone, think twice lest you see the face of Sora Tereza.


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