The continent of Khorvaire is the center of modern human civilisation and thus the center for most of the world’s major events of this age. The modern era of history on Khorvaire does not begin with the arrival of human refugees from Sarlona after the fall of the Dhakaani Empire, but that influx can rightly be said to be the trigger for the dominant events of the age. Ruins scattered across the continent attest to the civilisations that have come before however, including ruins from the days of the goblinoid empire.

For nearly a thousand years the kingdom of Galifar maintained a steady hand on events in Khorvaire. Aside from a small war with the sea princes of Lhazaar, aggressions and
energies were turned, for the most part, toward settling the wilderness in ever-widening circles around Scions Sound.

These years of the kingdom of Galifar are often referred to as a “golden age”. Culture, the arts and magic flourished, cities were built, and an unprecedented prosperity was shared by all. Continual improvements in infrastructure – including the development and construction of the first lightning rail routes – revolutionized communications and boosted trade across the continent. As magical knowledge flourished, magic began to become part of everyday life for many citizens. The situation at home was so stable that energy was even turned toward developing interests overseas. Most notably, Stormreach was founded on the northern coast of Xen’drik.

In 894 YK (894 years after the founding of the Kingdom) the death of King Jarot, the last ruler of Galifar. sparked the beginning of the Last War. The squabbling of royal siblings turned into a hundred years of bloodshed, with 5 once unified nations (Karrnath, Cyre, Thrane, Breland and Aundair) all fighting for the right to rule Khorvaire.



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